Insurance coverage for Homoeopathic medicine

At present Manitoba Health does not cover Homoeopathic medicine, however a growing number of private insurance companies are. This is due to public demand as well as they recognize the tremendous health benefits of Homoeopathic medicine. Below is a list of some private insurance companies that cover Homoeopathic medicine. Please contact the companies directly for information regarding the coverage amount. If your present insurance company does not have Homoeopathic medicine in their plans, please write to them and request that they do.

Some insurance companies offer health spending accounts by which Homoeopathic medicine can be payed for.

 Insurance Company  Coverage amount
 Great West Life upto $500.00 per year
 Green Shield upto $500.00 per year
 Manualife upto $500.00 per year
 Desjardins Insurance upto $500.00 per year
 Johnson Insurance upto $500.00 per year

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