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on 27, Mar 2017
Dr Kumar has treated me and my family for close to a decade now. He is an amazing man. He knows just what medicine to provide for any issue my family faces. We are blessed to have him in our lives. Every medical issue we have he is able to treat. We will continue to call apon his expertise when we need some help Thank you Dr Kumar
on 01, Feb 2018
Dr. Kumar is nice person and also very knowledgeable, me and my family aware and using Homeopathy medications from past 3 decades. Finding right practitioner is critical. In my case, my child was facing long term issue, for which I tried several treatments however the issue is was not clearing. When I met Dr. Kumar and taking medications as suggested by him given lot of improvement and now my child feeling lot better than past couple of years, Thanks to Dr. Kumar for his treatment and care!
VenkataKrishnaRao HV
on 02, Aug 2017
I have been seeing Dr Kumar as well as my wife and now young adult daughter for over 2 decades. I have never found anything this effective for me and my family. Healing the body is a never ending learning, Homeopathy will forever be in my drawer. What used to work very well last year, sometimes needs to be changed the following time. This is why my relationship with Dr Kumar is so important. There are times when I can't thank Dr Kumar enough. I wish everyone could have this type of a comfortable connection with their own Doctor.
on 09, Nov 2016
Homeopathy and Dr Kumar has been helping me and my family since I moved to Canada in 2009. He is an amazing Doctor. Thanks for your care and knowledge.
on 14, Mar 2018
Dr Kumar is a great therapist. I find homeopathy is very helpful in preventing issues from arising. I send my clients to him when I see they can use his services.
on 07, Feb 2018
Dr Kumar has been a God send to me and my family! I initially went to see him for adrenal burnout that caused me severe anxiety, heart racing, insomnia, hormonal imbalances and so much more. I experienced so much help and healing with his homeopathic treatment, I was even happy to bring my husband and children to him! Not only have we seen great results, Dr Kumars genuine and tender care OFTEN went above and beyond...he even made himself available after hours when there were sudden concerns! Dr Kumar is scientifically knowledgable, professional, caring and committed to the healing of his patients.
on 06, Apr 2018
When I first met Dr. Kumar in early spring 2016 I was already on a natural health journey, beginning to un-cover layers that needed healing. I went to him initially because of a severe detox rash I had from an anti-candida diet. Within a day I could feel my burning/itching rash going away. He was very good at pin-pointing other symptoms and connecting those symptoms with traumatic/stressful life events I had experienced. I went to him chronically ill... and now, I live in a state of chronic wellness. Can a skeptic still be treated with Homeopathic remedies and get well? I did! My son did also, and my family all has found incredible help through Dr. kumar's remedies. Skeptic or believer these remedies do something amazing... like mini counseling sessions with the cells in our body that hold memories :). The doctors and specialist told me I had Fibromyalgia after 6 long years of testing, they also told me it was incurrable... now, a year later..... I have my life back! I detoxed, old symptoms came up to the surface and then I would reach a new level of health... when I experienced symptoms that worried me, I would call him and he was always quick to respond. Living in healing I now can understand that not only through HD remedies, but also through food detoxes, ND medicines and deep body cleansing that the body is intricate, it stores memories and toxins. When old things are brought up they can stirr up emotions and short-lived symptoms or anxieties. When I was treated my Dr. Kumar for PTSD I felt old things come to the surface again during my detox, and then they would burst like a bubble and be gone. Oh, i can tell you that I felt a new sense of Joy when all that old junk was released. I now believe in Homeopathic remedies, I believe people can heal and I believe we need to honor the healing process just as we would honor someone walking through grief or a tragic loss. Healing brings the deep, burried things to the surface so that they can be exposed and be released. When that happens there is freedom! My prayer and hope is that many many others experience that same freedom like I have! Blessings