Eye Infection / Stress

I applaud the Homoeopathic Treatment that I have been receiving from Dr. Kumar. It has cured my Blepharitis (eye lid infection). It also calms my nerves, especailly some mornings when I wake up my whole body starts to shake – after 3 pumps of a Homoeopathic Medicine it stops in seconds. Homoeopathic Medicine has also brought relief to my husband’s … Read More

Infertility / Stretch marks

Hello Dr Kumar, I want to thank you for all your suggestion and care that you have given me. Through your Homoeopathic Treatment and blessings of God I had a baby girl. The Homoeopathic Medicines you gave helped my stretch marks as well. I cannot explain in words how happy I am now. God bless you. M.H.

Eczema and Allergies

Thank you so much Dr. Kumar for your wonderful care and being available 24/7 to help my son with his skin and allergies. His skin has improved dramatically and I look forward to continuing to work towards correcting his allergies. You are a great source of information and support! Andrea D.

Homoeopathic Medicine – Addressing A Family’s Health Concerns

Homoeopathic medicine has worked miracles for me and my family.  I have used remedies on all 3 of my children for everything from the common cold to warts and mood swings, with great success.  Recently I have had success treating my hot flashes and anxiety due to pre menopause.  Homoeopathy is empowering.  I can give my children homeopathic medicine and … Read More