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A lot of Prairie dwellers have watery, puffy eyes, but it’s not because summer is coming to an end soon. It’s due to what the extreme heat, dryness and smoke have created. Fire is ripping through our nation and – as people are fleeing their homes in BC – we’re also feeling some of the effects here on the Prairie.

Wildfires, particularly in western Canada and B.C., are consuming over 318 hectares of forest as of last week alone. Smoke from B.C.’s (and Washington state) has reduced air quality and visibility in most of BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

The yellow and orange haze that rests heavily in our skies tells us that that smoke has descended upon Manitoba as of a few weeks ago. For people with allergies, and even those of us without, this can be a real health hazard.

Environment Canada has recently issued advisories for Manitobans, and other than lock ourselves in an air-tight indoor environment, are there any other options?

According to the specialists and The Weather Network, probably not. The fact is that little is known about the effects of wood smoke compared to things like traffic pollution.

Dr. Christopher Carlsten, the head of the University of British Columbia’s Respiratory Medicine Division spoke to The Weather Network saying;

“The overall conclusion so far has been that wood smoke seems generally similar in terms of its effects on airway health, but if anything, somewhat less toxic than traffic,” he says. “It really depends on the end point, so it’s hard to reach a high-level universal conclusion.”

As we choke down that answer, and wipe our eyes; we pray for those directly affected and vow to never take air quality for granted again. If you have allergies to the heavy, air-filled smoke, there’s some help in knowing that homoeopathy provides relief from smoke inhalation and subsequent health reactions as well as allergy symptoms in general.

Always consult with a professional homeopathic practitioner before using any Homoeopathic Medicines. Dr. Kumar Belgaumkar, DMS, HD is Homoeopathic Practitioner and is a member of the Manitoba Homeopathic Association. He’s been practicing for 17 years in Winnipeg, Manitoba. For more information how how homoeopathy can help you, please contact him at (204) 799-2962 or mailto:[email protected] [email protected].

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