We love our fur-babies! I mean, what’s not to love? Whether you’ve carefully selected your puppy for personality, breed or pedigree or rescued a pooch from the pound (bless you); they become part of the family! That’s only one of the reasons it’s so important to take care of their health!

Dogs and other domestic pets, as adorable as they are, can carry or harbour a wide variety of illness that include parasites, bacterial infections or more serious inflictions like rabies. These can be spread to humans if not treated early.

For example, all puppies are born with tapeworm. Unless treated, the tapeworm infestation becomes increasingly worse and will spread to children and adults alike. The worm will exit the pup’s rectum long enough to lay eggs on the fur. These eggs drop off on dog beds, blankets, and carpets to be ingested by a child walking around with a cracker, or with fingers in the mouth. Yuk! I know…

Then there’s the fleas. All those itchy, scratchy and bothersome fleas. Fleas are common and spread easily. If you take your dog for a walk, to socialize in the dog park, they will catch fleas. Although fleas don’t generally like us humans, they lay eggs that lead to – you guessed it – worms! This is another full circle of life happening right on the fur of your dog!

If you’ve ever doubted homoeopathy before, treating your pet with its remedies, can quickly make you a believer! Homoeopathy is extremely effective on animals; whether it’s tapeworm, fleas, or something more serious like rashes, ear infections or injury, the quick-acting results will astound you!

Here are just a few of the effective dog remedies that I most often administer:

1. Belladonna for ear infections

2. Sulfur for worms and skin/coat disorders

3. Nux Vomica for arthritis and digestive issues

It’s important, however, to remember that like humans, animals need to be treated individually according to their unique makeup, size, and most prevalent symptoms. Contact Dr Kumar for examination and treatment, just as you would do with a licensed vet. As a result, you’ll have a very happy, content fur-baby at a fraction of the cost. Homoeopathy works as an integrative medicine, and can be used alongside mainstream vet practices.