The back to school creepy crawlies

Lice, scabies, and pinworms – here’s what you need to know! Summer holidays are coming to an end, and like a certain popular commercial, some parents may be jumping for joy!  As parents load up the shopping carts piled high with binders, jeans, lunch bags, and two pairs of runners – they’re not even thinking about the ‘other’ expenditures that … Read More

Planes, plagues and parties: How to stay healthy over the holidays!

The gifts that keep on giving The tree is sparkling, gifts bundled tightly in bright green and red ribbon peek out from under, and the house is filling with the wafting aroma of turkey and sugar cookies. It’s the perfect setting for your guests that landed the night before to join in the celebrations. Suddenly, instead of Jingle Bells, it’s … Read More

It’s a dog’s life

We love our fur-babies!  I mean, what’s not to love?  Whether you’ve carefully selected your puppy for personality, breed or pedigree or rescued a pooch from the pound (bless you); they become part of the family!  That’s only one of the reasons it’s so important to take care of their health! Dogs and other domestic pets, as adorable as they … Read More

The down and the dirty on IBS

If you have been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) by your doctor, I may be able to predict the story of your diagnosis journey… Your most noticeable first symptoms most likely began when you were a teenager or younger and began with embarrassing gas and some bloating.  You’re probably a female since IBS affects twice as many women as … Read More

Under the weather or totally shipwrecked?

Snow has fallen, temperatures have dropped, and people may find themselves a little ‘under the weather.’  The term, ‘Under the Weather,’ comes from a maritime source, and was basically referring to sailors who didn’t feel well.  They would huddle down, under the deck of the ship, as a way to escape the weather, and the sea (visually at least).  When … Read More

The big disease that gets under your skin

Whether it’s rashes, swollen knees, nausea or impaired weakness in your limbs that has gone on for a long time – you’re probably frustrated looking for medical answers. If this sounds familiar, the answer may lay in that tiny creepy crawler that got under your skin last summer! One possible explanation is that you’ve contracted Lyme disease from a deer … Read More